Monthly Archives: December 2014

Good News

And darkness covered the deep.

The very air, heavy with anticipation, wages war with the earth’s atmosphere, holding the miraculous at bay, just for a few more moments. This fallen planet lowers its head in defeat. No end to human conflict. No answer for pain. Lions still hunt their prey. Serpents still sting. Defenseless. Destitute. Humankind forever subject to the gravitational pull on both body and soul, the death grip of sin constricting the spirit, holding hope hostage. Then, not too suddenly, the sibilant breath of angels’ wings whispers throughout the galaxies as the providential appointment with destiny arrives. The earth’s orbit shatters with the intensity of the spirit realm; the ground shifts in cataclysmic pulsations. Humanity shudders at the sudden collision. Eyes guarded against an unearthly light; faces bowed to the ground in utter submission. This is like no other experience in the realm of mortality. There are no words to frame this visitation. Only fight or flight. Breath quickens, pulses race . . . death, it is most certainly upon us.

“Fear not.”
“Fear not.”
“Fear not,” echoes through the universe, bringing a momentary cessation to sheer panic.

“Fear not, for behold, I bring you good news. . .
“Good news.”
“Good news.”

“Fear not, for behold, I bring you good news of great joy, which shall be to all people.” The angel, in one proclamation erases all memory of pain and death from the whole of human history. In every land, in every tongue . . . all nations and tribes . . . from one corner of the globe to the other, prison doors burst open, sinners shake free from the shackles and stride with newly purchased assurance into the light of day. In one statement, the story comes all true . . . every individual strain from Genesis to Revelation finally blends in the one melodious symphony of re-creation, perfectly conducted by the Divine Maestro, in His own time and tempo.

The news of the coming of Jesus still brings peace to the conflict, healing to the sick, hope to the hopeless. His power is no less miraculous, the effects of His incarnation permanent and everlasting. His entrance on the human stage heralded by a small band of rag tags could never have foretold the pervasive influence He would have on every generation to follow. Forever since the angelic host sang of His coming, man cannot help but deal with Him, in one way or another.

And for this brief span of time and space, we are left to deal with the waning skirmishes of sin against the inevitable. Violence escalates, anger boils, frustration seethes. Riots, protests, war, terrorism, crime, injustice, all of which comprise sin’s arsenal, the last stand against the sheer potency of one word: Jesus.

Fear not, for behold, I bring you good news. News that will sustain us through the valley. News that will bind up our wounds. News that will protect us against the elements and soothe us in our grief. News that will light up the darkness, forevermore. Fear not.